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I'm Nadiya, a photographer and filmmaker who wants to document authenticity

I want to know how you two met, your favourite food, the movies you like, the music you groove to, are you a mountain or a beach person, and all the fun stuff!

Tom Jordan

The love you share is unique and I want to preserve that, in photographs.

Marc Norris
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client love


Nikhil Barua

Our wedding couldn't have been captured more beautifully! Nadiya's vision, personality and style in photography is truly unique, which captures the best in every moment. She was extremely patient, and knows how to calm you down in such high stress situation. One of the best advice she gave us on the wedding day: "if you are stressed then it will show in the wedding picture forever, best is to let go and just enjoy". This advice made all the difference. I would highly recommend her for her talent!

Priyanka Kanani

It was our first time with candid couple photography and Nadiya made it very easy for us to be in the moment and have fun while she did her magic behind the lens. We loved how aesthetically she captured us with her brand of cinematic charm. It was a delightful experience working with Nadiya and highly recommend her!

Victor Daruwala

I had the chance of getting Nadiya to photograph my Parent’s Silver Anniversary in 2012 back in Bombay. It was nothing but an awesome experience to have worked with her. Nadiya has a great eye & raw talent to capture the vibe of an event with her photographs. She’s one of the most talented people I know. She brings a special kind of warmth with her smile & should be your go to photographer hands down.

Nadiya Marwah Photography

14 Tottenham Court Road
London, England
United Kingdom